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FlameThrower ENT LLC

Tim Jarrett, Flamethrower as well as the rest of the company’s performers take pride and serious dedication in the art of fire performances. Safety is always the company's highest priority. These performers as well as the owner/performer have spent years training and perfecting this art and it shows. The owner alone has performed professionally for six years. Any new recruit has to have three years minimum of practice with one prop before they will consider them to perform with the company.

Listing performers in a wide variety of acts
Such as but not limited to:
Fire poi, pixel poi, fire sword, fire breathers, fire hoop, pixel hoop, belly dancers, isis wing performers (butterfly performers), fire fans, pole performers, go-go dancers, custom built led robots and stilt walker robots.

This company performs for all events public, private, and corporate and will work with every client to best suit their needs. Making sure that they get exactly what they paid for. Making adjustments for each show depending on environmental surroundings, and themes as long as it doesn't compromise safety guidelines is one of the company’s and fire marshal’s regulations. The most important part is that they have fun with these shows and love what they do. The process can be rigorous, but they wouldn’t change a thing.

The owner alone has performed in so many different locations. He has worked with some very inspiring artists and performance acts along this journey. He got his start as a fire performer after eight solid months of intense training. He practiced 7 days a week, five to six hours a day. He would get his first show performing for a charity event held by representatives and active military members of Patrick Air Force base in Palm Bay. He fell in love with performing and knew from then on he had a dream and a vision he wouldn't give up on. He went on to perform all over the state of Florida. One of the last shows his entertainment company performed was as head liners for the Boynton Beach Pirate Fest.

He also auditioned for America's Got Talent. Performing alongside the original Wailers band, his robots were viewed by tens of thousands. About two thousand people alone viewed his act for the Treasure Coast Cultural Festival in his hometown of Port St. Lucie.

Flamethrower (the owner) went fully licensed roughly two and half years ago for the bigger opportunities and venues that would require more than just an independent performer. He refused to hire just anyone. Only the best! And not just performers, but also the best technology to use for his clients. His company’s LED robots are built by himself and he is constantly working on a new project. From time to time he has built items of interest for other performers such as laser systems props and LED clothing. He manages to set aside time to keep his skills sharp for fire play, while running daily operations of his company, and raising his six year old daughter.

Although Tim, the FlameThrower has had many mountains to climb he would never trade it for anything in the world and he's happy to be where he is today. He’s constantly seeking more clients and venues every day to perform for with his company. His will and determination shows in his company. He always treats his performers as family and his clients with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. He's worked hard and his self-sacrifice is starting to pay off.

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