sidney leigh jarvis



Sidney Leigh is a passionate entrepreneur and single mother. She grew up in Arizona and is the founder of Bunzies Organic Spray Tanning, Bunzies Bikini’s, Sunless Bunzies Institute, BodContour and her recent passion project Sidney Leigh TV. She is a full time single mother, beauty industry influencer, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur.  With over 13 years experience in the beauty industry, when Sidney was 27, she launched her first business and 5 years later, her companies are continuing to grow and thrive. She has a passion for changing lives through motivation, influence and being extremely authentic with her delivery. Sidney uses her real life experiences such as cancer, marriage, divorce, miscarriage, abuse and suicide to influence and help men and women find success, balance and growth. With a firm belief that fear should be used to drive you forward in life, her story and impact continues to inspire. 

The time has come to share a true story with an authentic, vulnerable, unapologetic delivery. The intent is to inspire you, motivate you, help you, be intimate with you and to fuel your growth. Sidney’s hope is to engage with women and men from all walks of life by being someone you can tangibly reach. It is easy to hide behind our story and portray our fairytale to the world, but it is hard and painful to bare the truth. Sidney believes the burning desire to confidently share her story with the world originates in her purpose begging to be unleashed. 

You will hear about being raised with an emotionally unavailable father, marriage, cancer, loss, miscarriage, divorce, physical abuse (along with the gems emotional, mental and verbal abuse), PTSD, entrepreneurship, perfectionism, masking, heartbreak, betrayal, spiritual awakening, mediumship and her very own suicide attempt.