Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri


Warrior Woman Vocalist Artist

Intuition, Affirmations, Dreams and Visions have led me to this very moment. Affirmation, Dedication, Manifestation, Salutations you have now been introduced to Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri. Hailing from Oakland CA., Osunfemi is a Sweet Water, Neo Soul-Hip Hop Vocalist and Songwriter. Melodies and lyrics flow from the universe to crown to paper to beautiful music. Believing in the transformative power of words and blessed with a musical bloodline, Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri is ready to deliver her healing sound. 

Heavily influenced by passionate, creative greats like Stevie Wonder, Ms. Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Mary J. Blige and Tupac Shakur, Osunfemi decided to channel music that uplifts, inspires and moves the people. With a name meaning, a warrior woman that sings the blessings of Osun, Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri saw it as necessary to speak about her journey as a warrior. She does just that with the June 2015 single release of Warrior Woman and Warrior Woman LP Spring 2018. 

At a young age Osunfemi began touring, singing Negro Spirituals with her Grammy nominated mother and older sister around the Bay Area. She grew up with a strong love for music which helped her cope with the difficult times dealing with Sickle Cell. Feeling insecure in her musical abilities she shied away from music for many years. Despite fear, Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri boldly showcased her melodious hip-hop style on her first album, From Oakland With Love EP. Released in 2013 under her previous name, Isoke Custom Designs, the EP features positive music as well as talented artists like, Tajai Massey - Souls of Mischief, The Piper - Flipsyde, DJ Rashida and more. The love and outreach shown for Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri's first project unleashed a woman with a mission to keep music close, to create beauty, inspire and much more. 

As an up and coming independent artist, Osunfemi was blessed to perform at The Independent San Francisco early in her career. This was confirmation that there was more to come. She has written music and shared the stage with other dynamic artists: Stephen and Damian Marley (BayAreaVibez) Georgia Ann Muldrow, SA-Roc, Oshun, WolfHawkJaguar, Dr. Lynne Morrow, Rashida Chase, Yagbe Awolowo Onilu, Dr. Ayodele "WordSlanger" Nzinga, Takiyah Suhail, Zakiyah Harris, Spear of the Nation, Zion Trinity, Ogunlano Music, Charlotte “Mama C” Hill OʼNeal, MoonCandy, DetermiNation and more. 

Osunfemi performs at many health retreats, community events, women's conferences, workshops, and more to keep the community moving in their divine light, to rebuild broken systems, and to never forget the power to create transformation.

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