laura eiman


Professional Keynote Speaker


Laura Eiman shouldn’t be alive today. Her epitaph would have read “Death by donuts and Dove bars.” A sugar addict and junk food junkie for 40 years, she hit her bottom, made massive mindset changes and became healthy and fit. 

Today Laura, age 65 is a thought leader and problem solver in the field of health and wellness.  “We are now the fattest nation on the planet. It doesn’t have to be this way. Americans are going about weight loss all wrong,” says Laura. A professional keynote speaker and mental toughness coach, Laura travels around the country speaking on her solution to obesity. “Before we start another diet and fitness program, we must first get mentally tough.” 

Trained by world renown corporate speaker Steve Siebold, Laura shares her personal stories on stage, of achieving success by becoming mentally tough. “I am a living testimony as to how powerful the mind is,” declares Laura. 

· Today Laura is celebrating 19 years off sugar and junk food. In 2000 she developed a personal “4 step Navy Seal-ette” mental toughness program based on Metacognition, Navy Seal protocols, the mindset of Olympic athletes and Greek philosophy. The result: she conquered her toxic sugar and junk food habit for life. 

· Using her proven mental toughness methodologies, in 2005 she launched a business in her spare bedroom that quickly garnered endorsements from Oprah, Rachael Ray, Barbara Walters on TV and in 7 national women’s magazines. Her company  just celebrated 14 successful years in business. 

· At age 63, Laura started taking Olympic Weightlifting lessons. Again, practicing her Navy Seal-ette mental toughness program, she became won the gold at the Pan Am Games and qualified twice for the world championships.

“Every success I’ve achieved has been a result of becoming mentally tough.”

When you meet Laura, you are instantly inspired by her “can do” attitude 

and positive energy. Dubbed, the “Uplifting Lady”, Laura serves as a unique, engaging brand ambassador/keynote speaker for companies wanting to enhance their brand, create a stir, inspire their markets, generate more sales.

 “Everywhere I go people tell me how much I inspire them. I’m an ordinary person, now doing extraordinary things because I practice my Navy Seal-ette mindset. I want the same for all Americans!” 

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