jake mazzone



Jake is someone who was born into a long line of artists in his family, starting with his father

who built his own motorcycle as well as the 2 1/2 story house that he grew up in, his grandfather

who is a published author and expert publicist, and his grandmother was a seamstress in Italy and

NYC, a great uncle who was the cartoonist for Playboy for over 25 years, a great grandfather

who was a master violinist in Ireland, and his other great grandfather who was a master marble

sculptor in for royalty in Italy. He has been around their work his whole life but now it is time for

him to continue the family’s legacy in the modern world we find ourselves in today.

He started doing his art career by pursuing typography and graphic design and eventually ended

up in Brooklyn, NY to pursue this passion through the street school of freelance art and graffiti.

After spending a little over a year there, he carried out the rest of his studies at Florida Atlantic

University where he obtained a Studio Art Degree with a concentration in Photography and

Communications. From there, he started his business Jake Mazzone Photography and

specialized in model photography which placed his photographs in magazines such as Vogue

Italia, The New York Daily News, People Magazine and more. You can see examples of the

work he has done at his website JakeMazzone.com which he has a collective gallery of over 5

years of photography work specializing in Model, Event, Product, Editorial and Creative


Now, he specializes in: Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Website

Design and Social Media.