dan jenski


Professional Filmmaker

Born and raised outside of Chicago, Dan Jenski was headed on the path to law school up until his junior year at the University of Missouri after he took his first theatre class. And then a light bulb turned on. After five years of school and still not graduated, he packed his car up and headed to LA to pursue acting. He told his parents, who thought he had graduated, he was heading west to set up in-state tuition for law school.

After three years of minimal success in acting, Dan started writing his own projects, starting with short films. Believing in his scripts, he walked right into producing and directing, learning on the fly how to be a filmmaker while financing them with credit cards, tax returns and restaurant tips. After two short films, he made the leap to feature film on "ADDicted". Not only was "ADDicted" his first feature film script, as well as his first time directing a full-length movie, he even taught himself editing and edited the film himself. Those life decisions paid off as "ADDicted" won multiple awards on the film fest circuit, landed an international distribution deal and is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 

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