cole mccafferty


Journalist & Interviewer


Cole McCafferty, 12 yrs. old, from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Cole first made waves in May of 2015, at age 10, when he was the first child in the United States to start creating videos in support of President-Elect Donald Trump. The media has described him as President Trump’s most vociferous supporter.   Cole has been interviewed and written up by New York School of Journalism, Philadelphia Magazine, and Lifezette Media owned by Laura Ingraham. Recently, Cole was interviewed by Russian TV stations, RT News, Russia One, and Zvezda. He has become famous in Russia for voicing his political support of President Trump.  He was recently a guest speaker at Extortion 17 rally held in Philadelphia. Extortion 17 was the largest loss of life in the Afghanistan War. Cole attends St. Mary’s Grade School in Philadelphia where he is a member of The National Honor Society. Recently, Cole tested in the top 1% of the country in his Standardized Test. When he’s not being interviewed you’ll find Cole at the basketball court. One day, Cole would like to be President of The United States of America.