Charlotte Horton


Upcoming Actress & Thespian

Charlotte Horton is an actress and thespian of 8 years, with a

lifelong passion for movies. After watching Steven Spielberg's JAWS when she was 5,

Charlotte developed a fascination with film, not to mention a fear for the water! (John

Williams had a lingering effect!) What started with musical theater in High School

quickly turned into commercials, television shows, and independent films. She is

very proud of her work, versatility as a performer, and most of all, her work ethic.

While she typically plays the girl next door, Charlotte is always open to a challenge! She is

known for her smile, dark hair, and subtly with her performance. She believes the trick

to acting is not to preform, but to become another person. She hopes to learn all she can

about film, and give it her all when she is on set- on or off the camera.