anastasia pitanova


Model & Entrepreneur

Mother, Artist, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Anastasia believes that we all have unlimited potential and can have it all!

Originally from Russia, she always had a dream to impact lives of others. Being an entrepreneur all her life, Anastasia had very deep passion for discovering human potential.

Since moving to the United States in 2005 her journey of self-discovery began.

Through more than a decade of studying and exploring different teachings and spiritual practices she has learned - there is no magic pill for success, there is no right or wrong circumstances, and there is no luck. Everyone has an unlimited potential for creating life by their own design. No matter what you are struggling with: finances, relationships, harmony, health, success begins from strong discipline, right habits and every day rituals. It is a conscious choice and responsibility to develop a prosperous mindset and be committed to your dreams. 

In a short few years after she faced a major shift in her life she was able to establish the foundation for a successful real estate career and become a well-known artist and philanthropist by implementing tools and techniques she has learned.

Anastasia completed numerous leadership and transformational trainings, including training with Tony Robbins, Gratitude training etc.

Currently she is a full time real estate professional and a painter.

She works with nonprofit organizations by creating art pieces for their fundraising auctions. In her portfolio she has worked with such organization as:

“Woman in Peace”

“Elite Foundation”

And others.

“My vision is the world full of shining eyes of happy, self-expressed, confident and free human beings, where everything is possible and it’s safe to be yourself”



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